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        Jishan base of Jiangsu Software Park is located in a beautiful landscape of the undulating hills, composed of 38 independent office units with building area of 1,000 and 2,000 square meters, and additional auxiliary facilities. The development will provide suburban office spaces for software and IT companies.

        Each office building is planned with the interior courtyards. The one-floor-high walls enclose a flat artificial area in a natural undulating landscape, where courtyards and open office space flow on the ground floor and mixed in a complete harmony, saying the superiority of the suburban office. The up-floor space is disassembled into different parts leaning on the each wall and enjoying the sunshine, air and landscape, without any negative influence to the suitable scale of courtyard space.

        All the buildings on the site combined with the rolling topography create an organic community, with the same structure to the space inside the building. The courtyard wall limits the world inside as well as the outside.

        The whitewash is used for the wall, while the rest facades of the up-floor volumes are enveloped by the sun shelter of the wooden components. Reflected by the suburban landscape under the sky of Nanjing, the white wall mixed with brown wooden wall are expressing their respect to the south China traditional housing